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ijiemoKirotaS (or 'Satori'), is a moderator in the Gensokyo Combat Team. His name easily being linked to Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project. He is quite nice and fun, however is really mysterious. No one knows his true name, face, voice, or evil plans. Satori enjoys Touhou 11, and both Soku and Urban Legend in Limbo.

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Satori seems to be rather mysterious, He never told his real name or age. Not even his birthday is known by others. He know how to get a job done when he starts one, making him start it, however. Is debatable. Satori seems to be a serious type when it comes down to playing games. He however, knows how to make a joke in GCT itself, also giving him have a little childish side.

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(Soku) Satori is considered high in the ranking of Soku. Even being part of the top 5 players. Currently ranking 4th. As of the moment he mains Remillia.

(ULiL) Satori casually plays ULiL, maining Koishi, Shinmyoumaru, and Sumireko.

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