Shin Kuroi (Or "Shin" for short), is the creator and leader of Gensokyo Combat Team. His name is inspired by a character from his favorite gay-furry visual novel dating simulator, Morenatsu. In the chatroom, he remains dormant or quiet most of the time, but whenever he does become active (which is at random), he often lets everyone know about his presence with loud outbursts, usually composed of random words (such as "DICKS" or "aaaaaa A aA aIONApbi9asobi"). Although he is their infamous leader, Shin is also the one to youngest member of the group as of now, being only at 15 years old. He dislikes his own birthday (July 9th), due to personal reasons that he still hasn't stated yet. Despite his young age, Shin is somewhat hardworking and rather cooperative in his leadership skills, often breaking up the few fights that have emerged in the group chat to brainstorming different ideas for the future of GCT. Shin's most recent visual identity


Shin's personality isn't exactly clear, but from what he has portrayed in the group chat, he is loud and immature most of the time, with his random outbursts of mostly NSFW words, or his care-free, easy-going manner that he is usually acting with. He's rather secretive, telling no one his secrets due to the trust issues that he has, and suffers from depression and anxiety. Even he himself is unsure if his carefree manner is a facade or not, but he continues to portray it regardless. It is very rare for Shin to start typing in perfect grammar, but if he ever is, he's either overwhelmingly sad or serious at the time. On another note, Shin sometimes reminds everyone that he is a homosexual furry, although no one seems to be against it. Other than that, he cares deeply for his friends and for the people of GCT, even going out of his own way to try and help Pure with a personal issue. Other than that, not that much is known about Shin, and out of the other leaders/mods, he is the one who carries the most mystery.


Shin is known for playing Hisoutensoku (or Soku for short), and beating most of the people in GCT easily. He's stated before that he's had years of experience, and he is currently one of the best players as of today.

Shin also sometimes plays Urban Legend in Limbo (or ULiL for short), but often disregards it due to network issues.


Although he doesn't mention it often, Shin has stated what some of his hobbies are. Some of them may include drawing, gaming, watching videos, running his Tumblr blog, shitposting on Reddit (specifically "/r/stevenuniverse"), and creating OC's. Other than that, he hasn't said much else on the matter.


Shin isn't very open about what he likes unless you ask him, but so far he has listed the following:

-Gay Furry NSFW

-Steven Universe



-Steam Games


-Miscellaneous things


It's a little tricky when it comes to befriending Shin fully, but it isn't as hard as it seems. Out of all of the other mods, Shin is the most connected to Satori and Pure. As for the others and all of the members, his neutral standpoint further remains, although more people befriending him in the near future is likely.

Other than that, Shin often mentions his boyfriend, Archer. He often states how much he cares about him, and sometimes mentions him to the point of annoying everyone; followed by an apology right afterwards. It is very obvious that Shin loves Archer very much, often calling him "Dork", "My significant otter", or "Dorkbutt".


  • Out of all of the Moderators, Shin is the one to youngest, despite being the leader.
  • On numerous occasions, Shin may stop typing with his usual quirk, consisting of all lower case and frequent typos.
  • Shin can either be the most passive or the most active moderator. His pattern is a little difficult to predict.
  • Shin likes to catch people off guard by saying he is horrible at Soku, when in reality he isn't. He mainly targets new people, seeing them as "fresh prey."
  • Whenever Shin mentions Archer, he accidentally throws himself into a blushy-fit.
  • Shin uses emoticons frequently, mainly consisting of "uwu", "owo" and ";w;".
  • Shin has a Steam account.
  • Shin is a raging homosexual.
  • Although it might not seem like it, Shin is very insecure, and cries easily; often getting anxious over little things. He never shows it much in The Chatroom, though.
  • Shin's self-esteem is low.
  • A lot of people see Shin as "cutesy" or "qt", which will send him into a blushy-fit.
  • Shin hates Tenshi.
  • Shin has an obsession with coffee.
  • Shin doesn't have a specific main in Soku, him being the only moderator that is Mainless, playing anyone as he pleases or to fit the current situation.
  • His actions in-game depend on who he is playing with.
  • Shin usually uses the word "pfft" because he has nothing to say or is bored.
  • Fun Fact: Shin is usually called Suwako by older friends.
  • Another Fan Fact: Pure spams Shin all day long.